Africa as a continent is saturated with a lot of creative talent and in its fashion sector, creative diversity and in fact, the world needs to see what the top African fashion designers are doing.

Truth be told, African fashion designers are stepping up their game, and this can be seen in the cuts, silhouettes, finishing on their designs.

In fact, designs by African designers are fast becoming coveted trendy pieces and are seen on fashion-forward influencers around the world.

Michelle Obama was spotted in a Maki Oh design, Beyoncé in a Kisua, Naomi Campbell, who is an advocate for African designs, and many more people.

At the end of the day, Great fashion is great fashion.

The Arise Fashion Week was held in Lagos, Nigeria from April 19th – 21st 2019 and the fashion body is a massive platform for African fashion designers and upcoming talent if African decent to show off their creativity on an international level.

Arise Fashion Week also has Naomi Campbell partnering with them. A lot of new fashion talents have also been discovered by them.

Here are the top fashion designers that we loved and their looks that blew us away as their designs walked down the AFW 19 runway.

Tiffany Amber

Folake Folarin-Coker is one of the best African fashion designers who has also lead the way in an international fashion level.

Her fashion line Tiffany Amber also showcased its very chic Autumn/Winter 2019 collection at Arise fashion week in Lagos, Nigeria.

Described as “made in Africa and made for now”, the collection was filled with breezy Ankara prints and slightly structured silhouettes, frilly details and pops of colours.


Ethereal meets edgy is what Turfah brought to Arise fashion week. From texture to silhouette, all her looks were cute and classy.

Moreso, her luxuriant interpretation of traditional Nigerian outfits in jewelled colours made her collection stand out.

As a matter of fact, her womenswear looks on the AFW19 runway really caught our attention.

Yutee Rone

Yutee Rone is a high-end African based women’s wear designer from Nigeria with a degree in Microbiology.

Her looks for at the Arise Fashion Week were very bold-chic as she brought cohesiveness to bold colours and metallics.

Also, the way she combined the contrast between the structure and fluidity of different fabrics made her designs stand out.

The top African fashion designer had several outstanding looks and also featured former supermodel Oluchi on the runway.

Bridget Awosika

Bridget Awosika is one of the top fashion designers from Africa when it comes to womenswear.

Her collection was filled with delicate pieces in a rich combination of reds, blues, green and black, as well as the occasional touch of blushes.

Here are some of the designer’s top looks from AFW19 that are worth seeing.

Mai Atafo

Mai is one of the best fashion designers to come out of Africa that specializes in menswear and womenswear fashion.

The top African fashion designer’s menswear designs are always impeccable, and neither does he shy away from prints, colours or texture.

Also, his womenswear and bridals are everything in terms of style, cut, finishing and silhouettes. Here are our Mai Atafo highlights from AFW 2019.

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